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Maddison Skies, Polly Barton, Sophie and Thea -  Their music has its own messages to send; their fun and upbeat sound tell of friendship, happiness and have empowering messages for all ages. Their songs are perfect for an everyday window-down sing-along. 

THE DRAMA - 'Just As We Are'

Maddison Skies, teenage series with outstanding positive themes, sassy humour comedy. Suitable for an audience of 11+, with strong characters that are great role models for kids, but also the fun and engaging entertainment they'll love. Crossmedia, Drama & Music based, Maddison Skies follows the lives of three estranged teenage girls who embark on a music career that bond then together.

Though the bond of music isn't just to fulfill dreams, but is pursued individually to help overcome grief and depression issues. The three girls share common grounds as individuals, and yet one fatal incident of a racial attack sees their lives gripped even closer together.

Smart, cool scripted series with strong friendship at the heart.


Casting:  Due June/July 2021