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About Our Theatre Company

KIDS ACTIVE THEATRE COMPANY ( KATC) take ideas from the world that surrounds us to create fun factual plays for all ages. We passionately believe there are new and initiative stories on every corner we turn.


Our Mission

Is to bring stories to the 'stage to screen' and perform a live experience that is enjoyable for all of our audiences. We are passionate about laughter, but believe tears and other emotions taps into our souls, and that's where all the learning starts. Our shows provide a little bit of reality which brings people together. 

We are theatre makers and our audiences are out creators. 

Our Values Our Vision

Are the heart of our company and are shared throughout our work and the creative staff who make it happen. 

We are all facing the 'new norm', but we want to be a part of the change in British Theatre. So, creating 'stage to screen' productions, we can introduce the masses to theatre. 

Our performances range from creative stories for age groups nursery to year 16+. 

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