Infamous Maddie doesn’t find settling into her new school easy, she doesn’t want to be the ‘popular girl’, nor the one that stands out! However, she soon finds friendship with miss-fits, Jessika and Scotty and life starts to fall into place – until she finds herself left behind on a Geography field trip with two other girls that she has nothing in common with. The awkward, bizarre situation puts them all to the test, but as the evening unfolds they find out they have more in common than they thought – music!


However their one night encounter and new friendship doesn’t fit into everyday life, especially at school and so the girls hesitantly fall back into their normal routines. However fate works in odd ways and behind the scenes, the three form a unique bond. So, calling on Grandad and with the help of Jessika and a persistent Justin, Maddie, Georgie and Alisha embark on their ‘alter-ego’ adventures and life just starts to get a lot more colourful…

However, for all involved, living a double-life isn’t always as stirring as it seems and with the internet on tap, the girls have to learn how to control the positive and negative side of social media that affects both worlds. Undoubtedly, they face many challenges as individuals and as a group.


Not only are the girls stepping into different shoes from one moment to the other, teenager’s vs adults, they are also facing hormonal changes. Which are not easily handled when facing potential love interests and when Maddie starts to form a relationship with Harry, young love is interrupted by an overwhelming feeling of missing her dad – looking outside of her friendship group for a prop, she turns to a questionable peer in Grandad. Yet, she learns that although they are decades apart, their lives are closer than she imagined.  

Comedy-based drama that follows five friends from different backgrounds, stressed with GCSE years, relationships, social struggles, identity issues, media influences, adolescence, bullying and family lives. Yet, one vision brings their values and interests together.

The basis of the first series shadows a teenager’s wish to keep her father’s dreams alive, yet this doesn’t come easily with a mother who is just as much against the reality as she is to achieving it. So, with her grandad’s help, new friends and an unlikely manager, Maddie Jackson becomes her alter-ego Maddison Skies - whilst juggling a ‘normal’ life, alongside two other girls, they embark on a ‘double-life’s’ journey to becoming international pop-stars.

Set in the British modern day, 14-year-old, Maddie Jackson is the daughter of a famous musician, Lewis Moon. Yet, after he’s killed in a car crash it turns her family’s life upside down. Maddie, her mother Faye and younger brother Justin’s lives are suddenly exposed to multimedia broadcasts. The unexpected situation thrust the family into the lime-light which leaves them facing a venerable future.

Maddison Skies



We are currently on second phase auditions for the main cast of Maddison Skies

Auditions will open again during the summer months to select the whole cast.