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This is a story about destiny and purpose, good versus evil. The good is the Triangle of Alliance, three individuals Seth, Zelda and Conrad whose names mean The Appointed One, Woman Warrior and Brave Counsel. They are the prophesied defenders of the Universe. X is responsible for bringing them together, and acts as a facilitator in their mission.

Their opposition - the Insidious Force - are headed by school governor, Mr Wolfe who originates from a different level and his accomplice Mr Briggs a teacher from their everyday lives at school.. We learn that the Universe is composed of seven parts, called levels. It is on two of these levels, three and four, that the struggle takes place.

Through manipulation of the laws of nature, and the formulation of a virus, the Insidious Force attempt to take control of the entire Universe. It falls to The Triangle to put paid to their plans and restore balance to the Universe. At every turn danger presents itself. Finally, both sides find themselves locked in a stalemate. It seems the Triangle triumph in the last battle, yet the story concludes with a hint that ultimately, they may not have won the war.

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