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MADDIOSN SKIES  was created on the back-end of a Teenage Drama Series, ‘Just As We Are’ written in 2019 and cast early 2020. Unbeknown to the company and cast the Covid-19 pandemic was lingering in the wings. As the pandemic grew, it became more of a a pointless effort to continue with the project, as the arts and media industry came to a sudden halt - doors to arts-finances shut firm and stage curtains were down for the foreseeable future. 

Yet, KAMedia Co, the producers of the drama, turned the production on it’s head and leapfrogged to the ending, taking the three main characters who were already cast, they created Maddison Skies the Pop/Rock Group Maddison Skies, originally formed by Gracey-May Weldon, who was later replaced by Polly Burton (from Nottingham), Thea Watson (from Rugby) & Sophie Cullen (from Margate) went onto release four successful songs during 2020/21 - To The Moon And Back, From Different Worlds, Fireworks and Teenage Fantasy. As the world became more consumed by the pandemic, it became more uncannily clear that their songs, wrote before the outbreak in 2019 and for a completely different platform, related and mirrored the world that had suddenly surrounded us. With the drama on hold and the pandemic taking charge of our lives, the girls had to deal with so many restrictions. They spent most of the time rehearsing via zoom calls, face-time and Whatapp, meeting only a handful of times in person between Lockdowns throughout the year. Beck Studios in Wellingborough, Nottingham became the bands go to meeting place. Maddison Skies’ journey was quite an achievement. Over the 18-moths, the girls matured into incredible young ladies, all with individual dreams for their futures. As rules and Lock-down’s eased, other opportunities started to come out of the woodwork and the girls decided to head out in separate directions.

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The originally production, ‘Just As We Are’ was written as a Comedy Teen Drama, based on three girls “From Different Worlds” that find a mutual friendship within music. As time went on, like the music, the story behind the production of Maddison Skies and the original script, wasn’t a million miles from the life that Covid-19 pandemic 
had forces upon us.  

The writing of Room 46 was heavily led by the bands music. It was scripted to link the time-line of the UK Coronavirus Lock-downs and the soundtrack. Portraying the characters and the individual stories of the original drama, setting aside the plot, Room 46 created a prequel into the lives of the six main cast. 

For Gracey-May, Polly, Thea & Sophie, the creation and growth of Maddison Skies wasn’t held back by the distances between them, but determined also by the time-line of Covid-19. From March 2020 - March 2021, there wasn’t much scope to meet or rehearse together, yet 
beyond all the struggles faced they managed to drive forward and overcome many  obstacles. Finally in June 2021 after many restrictions were lifted, they managed to get together and produce their video “Teenage Fantasy” In December 2021 they made their first and last appearance together as a pop group. However, this simply underlined a fantastic journey and as the UK eased restrictions the world faced a new normality and the girls headed for new chapters of their own, with college, A-levels and new careers looming.

Maddison Skies story, their music and inspiration set the scene for Room 46 - The Musical.

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