Gracie May ~ Thea ~ Sophie

For 2020 the steps that we took as Maddison Skies took to scale the Pop Artist ladder was a steep climb.

Amongst the weight of the pandemic, school, exams and ‘getting to know each other’, we overturned the odds to successfully

release our debut single in December 2020 - To e Moon And Back.

Leaping into 2021, the struts on the ladder haven’t got any easier to climb. At the moment the girls are still only communicating through zoom sessions, face-time and text, yet the release of their second track - FIREWORKS - exploded them into the spotlight.

The empowering lyrics of FIREWORKS, prove again that the girls understand just how powerful music can be. For sure, we all need a little love in our lives and, we will certainly all need to be building castles again, undoubtedly using the bricks that 2020 threw at us.
But one day, we will feel free again!

The girls have all come from grassroots to fulfill a ‘dream’. ey are just three ordinary girls, once strangers, that love all there is to love about being teenagers. Each member of the group has a little something special to bring to the trio, and it’s this diversity that makes them the perfect role-models for youngsters of the modern age.

The girls have all suffered in their own ways, primarily from the pressure of social media and personal bullying. Yet, they stand strong, and have all learned individually to deal with matters face-on. Together they are powerful, empowering, inspirational & beautiful.


Maddison Skies audience range from 9-year Plus. e girls have a very fresh and natural

look. ey want to prove that ‘ordinary’ can turn heads and have no desire to portray a look and lifestyle that is out of reach for their young followers.

They’re NOT perfect shapes, yet they ARE the perfect role-models to portray that ‘natural is beautiful’.

Between them, they have different skin types, hair-care, clothe styles and make-up routines.

Their music is current Pop/Rock/Dance
Maddison Skies boast all original tracks, which can be used as exclusive sounds.

Leading the way for their young audiences to feel comfortable...

‘Just As You Are’

e girls have wonderful personalities, and would be fantastic in uencer’s for young girls and boys. To be able to feel beautiful in your own skin starts at a very young age.

Maddison Skies are a perfect brand for children and parents to look to.