WELCOME to the world of GILLIE!

Sarah has spent many years drawing beautiful books for all kinds of authors, and has brought more stories to life than she can count! Through this experience she has gathered a wealth of experience, and has created a personality in her work that can only be “her”. So it’s with a huge amount of excitement that we can reveal the Gillie Can series, created, written and illustrated by Sarah!





“This book is perfect for 2-5 year olds. A simply written story about sharing, it’s also a counting exercise as Gillie the rabbit begins with eight cookies and, through sharing, ends up with one cookie. What she does with that last cookie is an adorable surprise. Highly recommend.” 

Aviva Gittle Publishing… ★★★★★

Want to know more?

Children’s Early years books that will encourage young children to learn and to have confidence in themselves. Most importantly to have fun! Learn with Gillie. Encouraging Can not Can't.

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