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Gillie is a British preschool concept; TV series, books, music & merchandise. The model revolves around Gillie, a 6-year old, cheeky, lovable little bunny, who loves helping, caring and being there for her family and friends, especially her best buddy Toad. Together they have lots of fun and adventures, with heaps of learning curves along the way.

Giggles, hops and rib-bets are all part of a typical day. Gillie spends most of her time looking for Toad, who often than not gets lost! They are the best of friends and always work through tricky situations together. Gillie has lots of other friends, whom all have different family situations, so learning and understanding about others is always important for her.

FORMAT - 5min x 52 Episodes 

2D Animation 


We have licensing and sponsorship opportunities across our rapidly growing brand - It's Gillie. A beautiful set of children's books, and animation series, that gently teach early years children basic morals. They portray wonderful relationship skills within a family environment and towards friendships; helping children become more socially aware.


(4) It's Gillie - Best Friends Forever | kids animation | Episode One - YouTube

(4) It's Gillie - Secret Surprise Episode 2 - YouTube


It's Gillie is a brand-new concept with an array of fantastic merchandise and viewing opportunities, which can be adapted to suit and appeal to your current audience. Currently in production, we have 8 story books along with 26 episodes of animation across You Tube. Kids Active Media hold full licences across all merchandise - footwear, childrenswear, accessories, toys and home furnishings.  

I have attached more information regarding the products and we feel this brand would sit well with the audience of ???. Licensing rights for the project are negotiable including:

  1. Exclusive sales on merchandise 

  2. Exclusive Sponsorship on It's Gillie TV - Instagram & Youtube 

  3. Exclusive 'It's Gille' branding for companies

'It's Gillie' has been designed to be an affordable brand, yet it's audience has a huge capacity. In 2021, the UK children's apparel & footwear market is expected to be worth in the region of £8.3 billion. This is estimated at an average 'affordable' rate across family incomes. 

It's Gillie' viewing and interest range is 2-4-years - 28% plus average bracket of the UK children's apparel & footwear market. The Toy Merchandise percentage is in a higher bracket. 

'Gillie Can Share' has been named among the best in family friendly media and is the winner of the Purple Dragonfly Book Award and Book Excellence Awards. Gillie has also received the Mom's Choice Award, Readers Favourite and is also Story Monster Approved.


The Gillie brand is gathering strong traction across family homes and this is a great time to grow further across the literature and animations. If you would like to come on board to expand the powerful 'Gillie Can Series' and partner with Kids Active Media, then please contact Justine Maynard at Kids Active Media so you can arrange a meeting to discuss these details in more depth.



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